Composite Engineering

Vehicles & Transportation

With ever more stringent emissions requirements placing additional demands on the design of mass transportation such as buses and rail borne vehicles, composites offer a cost-effective route to achieving substantial weight reductions on the load bearing structure of the vehicle. For buses particularly, the use of composites allows payload levels to be maintained or improved whilst accommodating more complex hybrid or electric drivetrains for the same axle weights.

In addition to the potential weight reductions, composites also bring advantages such as improved corrosion and fatigue resistance and reduced part count, which when combined with Gurit’s extensive composite engineering and manufacturing experience can deliver a lightweight structure that integrates directly with the existing vehicle architecture.

Gurit has worked on the global structural design of buses (and components for rail vehicle structures) through to the detail design of components. Our in-depth knowledge of composites allows us to produce robust design details and line-replaceable structural elements allowing easy maintenance in service. Below is a taster of some of the projects Gurit has undertaken. Please call us to discuss your project or any technical issue that we may assist to resolve.

Track Record