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Spabond™ Systems

Structural Epoxy Adhesive Range

Spabond™ adhesives offer outstanding performance in high-stress, high-load applications for Marine, Wind Energy and Civil Engineering applications.

  • Spabond™ 400 Series: structural, high dynamic load applications
  • Spabond™ 500 Series: specialist substrate and applications
  • Spabond™ 700 Series: rapid structural adhesives
  • Spabond™ 800 Series: structural, fast curing for wind blade production

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System properties at 20°C 
3rd Party Certificates Technical Datasheet
400 Series
Spabond™ 435
Ideal for thin bond-lines such as core bonding, large surface areas and detailed work
DNV and Lloyds register in progress Download (PDF)
Spabond™ 440
Optimised for rapid dispense from cartridges or automated mixing machines
DNV and Lloyds register in progress
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Spabond™ 445
For large gap filling & filleting applications as well as high performance projects, with a black resin option available
DNV and Lloyds register in progress
Spabond™ 400FR
Structural fire retardant epoxy adhesive
RINA Certified Download (PDF)
500 Series
Spabond™ 5 Minute
Tacking and secondary bonding

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Spabond™ 540
High elongation, long bonding time.  Low viscosity resin option for easier application

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Spabond™ 545
Bonds multiple substrates found in general applications
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Spabond™ 568
Low density core bonding adhesive 
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Spabond™ 570
Bonds all woods.  Easy mixing/smooth spreading, can be used with automated mixing machines
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700 Series Spabond™ 730
High strength, rapid curing, general purpose adhesive

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 800 Series
Spabond™ 820HTA
Glass filled, rapid curing long open time adhesive for industrial applications (not available in cartridges) 
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Spabond™ 840HTA
High Strength, rapid curing long open time adhesive for industrial applications (not available in cartridges) 
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 Spabond application

Spabond™ 400

Spabond™ 400 is a new generation, structural epoxy adhesive for high dynamic load applications.  Based on the tried and tested Spabond™ brand, it offers a number of advances vs. legacy systems including: Improved Health and Safety, better handling and processing properties and a range of sag resistances to meet all need.  The simplified portfolio comprises of 4 systems, with the same hardeners used across all:

Spabond™ 435: for thin bond-lines up to 10mm and large surface areas

Spabond™ 440: for 20mm bond-lines, ideal for use with automated mixing machines

Spabond™ 445: very highly sag resistance up to 30mm, for high performance projects

Spabond™ 400FR: structural fire retardant epoxy adhesive
See our technical data sheets for more information (above) or contact us to discuss. 

Spabond application

Spabond 840 allows a significant reduction of Wind Turbine blade production cycle times 



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