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Gurit’s range of coating epoxies is the foundation of our formulated products business. First developed in the early 1980's, specifically to meet the needs of the wooden boat builder/restorer, Gurit's comprehensive range of products is as popular today as when it was first introduced.

Our coating products are hard wearing and versatile partners for the multi-purpose systems. Available in both solvent and solvent-free formulations, coatings are suitable for a range of applications, including osmosis treatment, priming, top coating and varnishing.

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In-mould Process Coat

CR 3400

CR 3400 is an in-mould epoxy surfacing system for epoxy laminates andis designed to be used as the base for the subsequent application of a paintscheme. CR 3400 is therefore formulated to be easy to sand so that oncereleased, the CR 3400 surface can be readily keyed prior to the applicationof the paint system. The product has a considerably longer over-coatingwindow than other gelcoats - up to one day with Standard hardener at 20°C.

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