Liquid & Filled Systems

Filling and Fairing

Gurit’s filling and fairing systems for the finishing of component manufacture, offer a range of working times, good sandability and compatibility with a wide range of primers.

S-Fill 15 Minute Epoxy Filler System

Gurit’s S’Fill 15 Minute Filler is an epoxy filler system designed for rapid cure at ambient temperature, to allow sanding without clogging at just over an hour after application. As well as rapid cure and good sandability, the system has been developed to offer ease of dispense and mixing, good sag resistance during application, good cured properties. The system offers a simple 1:1 mix ratio, high levels of adhesion, low shrinkage and good thermal and mechanical properties.

S-Fair 600 Epoxy Fairing System

S-Fair 600 is a simple 1:1 by volume, two component filler designed for filling and fairing large composite and metal structures such as hulls and decks. It can be applied up to a thickness of 35mm on a vertical surface. It is easy to sand and is compatible with a wide range of primers and top coats typically used in the marine market for the finishing of yachts. It is available with two hardeners; Fast and Standard, which enables the customer to tailor the working/cure time to the ambient workshop temperature.

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