PRIME™ Infusion Systems

PRIME™ Infusion Systems

Infusion Systems

PRIME™ infusion systems applications range from single-operation moulding of carbon yacht masts, up to 80' yacht hulls and wind turbine blades.  PRIME™ epoxy infusion systems have been used successfully for over 20 years and today are at the forefront of the development of liquid epoxies for "under the bag" infusion processes, including:

  • RIFT (resin infusion under flexible tooling)
  • VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding)

PRIME™ 37 Low Toxicity Epoxy Infusion System

PRIME™ 37 has been developed to deliver exceptional laminate quality for a range of liquid infusion composite processes.  Gurit’s unique fibre wetting technology reduces infusion time and improves laminate quality

Gurit fibre wetting technology

The cure characteristics of PRIME™ 37 have also been optimised:

  • Mixed viscosity remains lower for longer
  • Faster through-cure, avoiding a low-strength “sugary” phase
  • Improved exotherm control

PRIME™ 37 is Lloyd's certified and is produced with bio-based content as standard.  By using the award winning Ampreg™ 3X low toxicity hardeners, PRIME™ 37 has market leading health and safety, and also allows customers to take advantage of the blend-able hardener speeds which can be tailored to suit each application.

Product Selector

Ampreg 3X Hardeners

System Properties

Mixed Viscosity

150g Gel-Time

Mix ratio

 Cured Tg


 Ampreg™ 3X Fast Hardener

500 cP

1/2 hour

(parts by weight)

 Up to 75oC

 Lloyd's Register

DNV (Pending)

 Ampreg™ 3X Slow Hardener


4 hours

 Ampreg™ 3X Extra-slow Hardener

150 cP

10 1/2 hours

 PRIME™ High Tg Hardener

500 cP

5 hours

(parts by weight)

 Over 100oC

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