Gurit Hi-Panels offer customers ease and speed of build, reduced set up and labour costs, and high quality construction of their composite part.

Hi-Panels are epoxy infused composite panels, which can be made from a variety of Gurit’s core materials, with glass and/or carbon skins, and are either structurally engineered by the company’s in-house team or manufactured to the customer’s specification.

They are suitable for a range of applications such as the structural elements of sailing yachts or power boats, hatch lids, doors and so on.

Hi-Panels can be delivered as finished panels, with maximum dimensions of 9m x 2m, or cut to shape, as supplied by the customer. The shapes can be labelled, and remain tabbed in the original panel for ease of transportation and storage.

Please contact Gurit at info-nz@gurit.com for more information

Please note: Hi-Panels are currently only available in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands