Aerospace Qualified Prepreg Materials

PF 807

  • Crush-Core prepreg for short curing cycles
  • Fast curing thermosetting resin system for sandwich structure application
  • Non-halogenated resin formulation
  • Good FST behaviour
  • Very good surface quality
  • Long shelf and shop life

PF 807 phenolic resin is a halogen-free and self-adhesive modified phenolic system designed for very good surface-quality and excellent heat-release and smoke-density properties.

Both monolithic and sandwich structures can be easily manufactured with this prepreg. The curing can be performed by press, vacuum and autoclave moulding with a pressure of at least 0.7 bar 10 psi.

The prepreg is especially suitable for curing of sandwich panels in an isothermal press cycle without heating and cooling stages. This hot-in/hot-out crush-core process is a fast manufacturing method with curing cycles between 10-15 minutes and is mainly used to produce curved interior sandwich panels such as sidewalls or ceilings.

This prepreg has been developed in such a way that curing can be performed in a more or less isothermal press cycle, without the long heating-up and cooling-down stages of the pressing plates or moulds.

Such composite structures can be exposed easily to temperatures in the range of -55ºC (-67ºF) up to +90ºC (194ºF). The prepreg material is suitable for monolithic and sandwich structures:


  • Aviation and aerospace industries
  • Machine industries
  • Marine and automotive applications