Aerospace Qualified Prepreg Materials

PN 900

  • Modified cyanate ester resin system
  • Excellent balance between mechanical and FST properties
  • Volatile content < 1%
  • Fulfils numerous FST requirements
  • High quality surface finish
  • Self-adhesive to honeycomb
  • Adjustable tack
  • Post curing possible to achieve a Tg of 235ºC (455ºF)


PN 900 resin is based on polymerized aromatic cyanate ester compounds, which show a high thermal and chemical stability after curing at elevated temperatures above 125ºC (257ºF) and at least 0.7 bar / 10 psi. The prepreg has a low volatile content, no toxic additives and exhibits a very low emission rate of volatiles during the curing process.

Composite structures are self-extinguishing under fire conditions and fulfil international aerospace fire protection regulations regarding flammability, smoke density and toxicity (FST). They also show high mechanical properties with relatively low influence of moisture.

Due to the specific nature of the polymerization process, PN 900 provides non-porous laminates using a variety of manufacturing techniques like press and autoclave moulding with bladder or plaster tools in-situ leakage-free composite components as demanded in aircraft airduct manufacturing.

For increased thermal and chemical stability, the components can be subjected to a stepwise free-standing post-cure up to 220ºC (428ºF) to achieve a glass transition temperature of 235ºC (455ºF).