Structural Core Materials



Gurit standard product forms are described below. Gurit can also tailor sheets to your own specification please call to discuss your requirements.

Cuts For Conformability (Foam)

SC – Single Cut – Provides flexibility in a single direction on one or both sides of a sheet. If done on both sides, the cuts intersect so no bleeder holes are necessary for vaccum bagging. Maximum sheet size is half of a full-size sheet.

DC – Double Cut – Provides flexibility in two directions on one or both sides of the sheet. If Double Cut on both sides, the intersecting cuts make DC a highly effective resin infusion medium. The cuts are not visible when the sheets lie flat and these narrow knife-cuts minimise unnecessary resin accumulations compared to sawn core materials.

CS – Contour Scrim – provides optimum flexibility in two directions. Sheets are knife-cut in squares and bonded to a glass scrim. Available on sheets up to 25mm (0.98”) thick. Maximum standard sheet size is half the full sheet.

Surface grooves for infusion – Available on all foam types

VIC – Vacuum Infusion Core There are several VIC options and Gurit can customise grooving patterns and bleeder holes as required. For curved laminate sections, double-sided DC is very effective system for resin infusion with low weight gain. Heat forming VIC surface cut also useful for obtaining curved panels with minimal resin uptake.

Combination – Combinations of these aforementioned formats are also available.

Product Formats (Balsa)

Balsaflex™ is available plain or with typical formats including perforations, microgrooves, with or without scrim, contour scrim and with optional coating.


The Company strongly recommends that Customers make test panels and conduct appropriate testing of any goods or materials supplied by the Company to ensure that they are suitable for the Customer’s planned application. Such testing should include testing under conditions as close as possible to those to which the final component may be subjected. The Company specifically excludes any warranty of fitness for purpose of the goods other than as set out in writing by the Company. The Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice and Customers should satisfy themselves that information relied on by the Customer is that which is currently published by the Company on its website. Any queries may be addressed to the Technical Department.