Structural Core Materials



Gurit has an extensive kitting capability to provide all the Corecell™ formats in customised, numbered, ready to use, CNC machined kits. Gurit can make comprehensive kits using either full customer drawings or their B³ SmartPac software solution for the marine industry. All types of core can be supplied and machined including Corecell™ (SAN), PVCell™, Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green and Balsaflex™.

Gurit use either 5-Axis, or 3-Axis CNC machines along with a range of semi-automatic and manual machines to provide the optimum kitting solution depending upon kit complexity. Gurit has developed specific knowledge and experience on the correct flute and clearance angles to provide optimum cutting conditions. This allows for quick cutting to minimise cost, accurate cutting for component dimensions and fine cutting to allow the best nesting routines so maximising yield rates and minimising waste.

Gurit’s machining strategy for core is to develop a range of cutting techniques that provide a cost-effective and flexible kitting solution to satisfy customer requirements.