Wind Blade repair

Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Gurit blade repair products focus on achieving: 

  • Minimum turbine down time

  • Consistent repair quality

  • Ease of application

  • Maximum weather window for  application with regard to ambient conditions (in particular temperature and relative humidity)

  • Minimum environmental impact from waste and ancillaries 

  • Maximizing operator health and safety


  • Market leading product health and safety

  • Practical repair packaging, dispensing and mixing solutions for easy processing and handling

  • Robust mechanical properties under challenging application conditions 

  • Technical support help line

  • Two product streams, heat cured and UV cured

Prerequisites being: 

  • Blade OEM and DNV-GL qualified materials

  • Global availability of repair material and repair packs

We are continually reviewing our product range, packaging and application systems to meet your needs and welcome your feedback. 
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Types of Blade Repair & Product Selector

Learn more about Gurit’s wind turbine blade repair product solutions that extend the service life and reduces downtimes.

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Mathieu Cariou

“With an increasing share of wind rotor parks now reaching an advanced age, the industry is looking at solutions for extending equipment life. Our experience across all aspects of the blade manufacture makes Gurit the prime partner for the development and delivery of solutions during the whole blade life. “

Mathieu Cariou
Business Development Global Wind, Gurit