RENUVO™ Prepreg (PP) is a breakthrough UV curing Prepreg system, developed by Gurit as a repair system for wind turbine blades.
  • Enabling up tower repairs within one day
  • Prepreg stacks of up to 8 layers (customised for individual repairs) are possible in one laminating operation
  • Material can be used between +5°C to +30°C (+41°F to +86°F)
  • Clean processing, avoiding mixing and contamination risks
  • Long out-life at room temperature (protected by UV blocking film)
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Compatible with current topcoat solutions
  • Approved and in approval for primary structural repairs at major OEMs

RENUVO™ Prepreg (PP) is used in combination with RENUVO™ Multi-Purpose System (MPS) for secondary structural repairs and MMA adhesive for primary structural repairs.

RENUVO™ PP offers a step change in materials for the wind turbine blade repair market. Cure time in minutes by using bespoke UV lamps (with no need to apply heat for complete cure) thus efficiently saving up tower-time and an expanded repair weather window.

RENUVO™ prepregs are available in unidirectional (600 gsm UD) and biaxial (600 gsm XE) formats allowing to customise repair patches/stacks as relevant to comply to blade specification.

Typical Applications

The RENUVO™ PP system eliminates the human error of mixing, dispensing and working with more traditional wet laminating repair systems. Additionally, the material offers the operator the security that wherever the material is being sourced it is the same product manufactured to the same high exacting process. Using a dedicated UV source, RENUVO™ PP is cured in minutes, up to 8 plies of 600 gsm E-glass prepreg (applied in pre-consolidated stacks prepared before each repair job). Used in combination with RENUVO™ MPS, the repair can be quickly finished without the need for secondary operations to fill and fair before a final coating system is applied.