Our Business

Core Material Kitting

We deliver customized, efficient, and affordable core kits to the global wind power industry, but that is not all: Through independent and flexible collaboration, we help our clients look beyond the apparent opportunities of today and towards a simple global supply chain.

Our business model is agile and fully transparent in terms of material- and kitting costs, which allow our clients to make the right decisions regarding sub-suppliers, core materials, specifications, and requirements. No matter the specific need, our engineers are ready to go through the iterations of prototyping and testing necessary to deliver a quality kit.

For us, a core kit is not just yet another component - it is what we do and what we know. For more than 30 years we have been supplying core kits to the industry, which has allowed us to effectively adapt every single part of the involved processes to maximize the output.

From our custom machinery to the location of our production and storage facilities, we empower performance – of material, of kits, of turbines, and of the industry. By choosing us as your kitting partner, you get a global ally driven by continuous improvement, flexibility, and transparency.