Core Material Kitting

Our Expertise

Core kits for competitive blades

Today’s auction-driven industry requires optimizing cost in every step of manufacturing. As the global market leader, we ensure short lead times, while also de-bundling core material kitting from material suppliers, giving manufacturers freedom to choose and produce cost-competitive turbines.

Your global core kit partner

Our production sites are placed strategically at the center of several wind blade production clusters. Our global sites are in constant dialogue with each other through weekly meetings and a constant eye on performance indicators and best practices. We do this to ensure that all of our products adhere to our own high standards.

The privilege of flexibility

As the biggest independent core kitter worldwide, we give manufacturers free choice of materials and suppliers, so each individual project can achieve maximum cost-competitiveness.

We build our know-how on long-lasting relationships with the market leading turbine manufacturers. Combined with our specialized technical knowledge of the kitting process, we can help with choosing the core material and the supplier, always ensuring full cost transparency.

We take all risks associated with procurement and storage of material until the very moment the kit is delivered to you.

In order to lower Levelized Cost of Energy, the wind energy industry counts on OEMs to produce larger blades which complicates associated logistics. Our global sites sit in close vicinity to your factories, reducing logistics prices on your behalf and suiting the demand for bigger blades. We draw on 30 years of experience with blades and an in-house engineering unit to work out new solutions as turbines are getting more complex.

We know that the aerodynamic shape of the blade demands high precision, so each project undergoes a thorough prototyping process until the product fits perfectly into your blade. Finding the right balance between a short development cycle and optimization of the prototype is of high priority to us.