Core Material Kitting

Our Process

Striving for the perfect fit

We strive to reduce strain on blade manufacturers from initial design, prototyping and our in-house production to final delivery and ongoing support. Our production setup is flexible and allows us following turbine OEMs as they are expanding.

1 Consulting and Design

We work with any level of input to produce custom drawings that suit the blade model’s needs and requirements in our unique in-house engineering division. Our technical designers strive for the perfect fit and adjust their designs based on their deep knowledge and experiences of working with the CNC machines themselves. Throughout this process, we are passionate about finding the optimal choice of material in close collaboration with you. AutoCAD drawings illustrate the exact specifications for each piece of the kit. If the project calls for a more detailed design, 3D models are produced to visualize complicated parts.

2 Prototyping

Fitting as many core kits as needed until they perfectly suit the manufacture’s blade is our specialty. From the initial drawing, we take the design to our production floor where a prototype is fabricated to test in your blade. To save time in blade production, our engineers are on-site when we fit each custom-made prototype into your mould. We know that the right prototype requires multiple iterations, but it is a crucial step in the production process to avoid deviations that could lead to collapse during the operation of the turbine. The prototyping process is centralized at our site in Ringkøbing, Denmark.

3 Production

Our production lines are highly automated with 5-axed CNC milling machines enabling complex solutions. All elements of the core kits are produced in serial batches and consistently monitored to keep within specified tolerance limits and ensure a uniform output. We develop new solutions and work on production optimization in our specialized machine building workshop in Denmark. One example is our optimized groove pattern that reduces consumption of resin in further production. The knowledge we acquire here stretches across all of our global sites through technology alignment and transfer.

4 Delivery

We are committed to customer support. We were the first in the industry to implement sending engineers to the site for prototype fitting as close quality insurance and ongoing service is a priority for us. To reduce strain on your side, we are continuously reducing the items in a kit and the boxing, making our core kits hassle free and easy to assemble. Our kits are delivered in roughly five boxes and can save up to 30 minutes of cycle time compared to regular kits. Our global locations ensure delivery to reach you at just the right time. Full service is a promise that influences the setup of our work. The support unit is therefore there for you at any point in time after delivery as well, providing advice on our products whenever you need it.

5 Innovation

We do things smarter and we push the industry to do the same. Starting with our own backyard, we believe in continuously optimizing our processes. As the only kitter with an independent on-site laboratory, we are able to test new ideas as we constantly improve our procedures so that you can get a better, more cost-effective product. The developers in the laboratory are solely dedicated to testing and optimizing of new methods, and we take pride in investing in resources to spend appropriate time thinking outside the box. We strive to find the most cost-efficient processes and materials, and by constantly scouting for new partnerships, we find solutions to drive down cost of producing wind energy together with clients and suppliers.