Building & construction

Building & construction

Building & construction

There is a growing need in the building, construction and architecture industries for lightweight, recycled and recyclable materials with high strength, excellent thermal insulation, longevity and design freedom characteristics.  Gurit Kerdyn™ Green has been developed to respond to this need.  It is a highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic core material with a good balance of mechanical properties and cost for a wide range of applications and processes.

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Kerdyn™ Green
Structural PET Core
Up to 100% recycled PET based product range
Withstands high process temperatures
Excellent chemical resistance
Good adhesion & mechanical properties
PET low resin uptake performance
Kerdyn™ Green
Kerdyn™ Green FR
Fire retardant recycled structural PET Core
Up to 100% recycled PET based product range
FR = FST properties
Withstands high process temperatures
Excellent chemical resistance
Good adhesion and mechanical properties
Kerdyn™ Green FR



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Thermal bridge-free installation of windows and balcony doors
(according to DIN4108 – Supplement 2)
Separation walls in wet and damp rooms
3 Door inserts for wet rooms
4 Windowsill connection profiles
5 Window frame extensions
6 Window & door base junctions
7 Front Doors
8 Carrier boards for plaster, tile and gypsum
9 Tile & kitchen counters
10 Secure connection of insulation to concrete upstands
11 Wallboards




Sustainability forms an essential part of Gurit`s global business activities and sustainable growth strategy.

Kerdyn™ Green is made with up to 100% recycled PET content, sourced from plastic bottles.  See our sustainability page for details of how many bottles are recycled into each sheet of Gurit Kerdyn™ Green.

Tesimonial - Luisa Gaiero

“If these plastic bottles to go to a landfill, they could take up to 500 years to decompose. Producing products from recycled plastics reduces energy requirements by 66 percent.“

Luisa Gaiero
Product Manager PET


How is Kerdyn made


Kerdyn™ extrusion process

 Kerdyn diagram


“Quality and sustainability are a key focus for Gurit. Our quality team works with the goal of producing the best performing material for our customers, preserving energy, reducing waste and optimizing the use of our recycled raw material.“

Alice Borello
Quality Manager Gurit Italy



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