Advanced composites for industrial applications

The benefits of advanced composite materials are being seen and understood by an ever increasing number of industry sectors. Sectors that have traditionally used steel or aluminium structures are turning to composites for the competitive advantage they offer. No longer solely the realm of aerospace, high performance yachting and wind energy applications. Advanced composites are finding their way onto building façades, medical applications, truck cabs, and many more.

The depth of expertise and experience in demanding sectors makes Gurit the ideal partner for any general industrial project considering composite construction. With an end-to-end solution, offering composite structural design, tooling fabrication, materials supply and prototyping services, customers can be confident of a well considered and technically sound solution to meet performance, budget and timescale requirements.

Gurit helps customers to realise the benefits of composites in our economically challenging and globally competitive world:

  • Lower weight – reduced structural weight, easier handling, easier assembly and higher productivity
  • Optimisation of mechanical properties – tailored solution to meet exacting requirements
  • High fatigue life – durability, reduced replacement costs
  • Corrosion resistance – long service life, minimum maintenance requirements
  • Ease of moulding – freedom of design

Track Record