Wind Blade Hinge System

Gurit mould turnover systems are the choice of industry leaders, proven on several hundreds of moulds worldwide. Gurit offers different types of hinge arms suitable for various mould shapes and sizes to safely and precisely close the two halves of a mould.

Gurit Mould Turning Systems:

Wind Blade Mould Closing System — Technical Specifications:
Series 160 200 258
Total number of Gurit hinges per mould 2 – 3 3 – 7 8
Weigth Lifting of a Gurit Hinge Arm 9.5 T 10 – 15 T 15 – 20 T
Torque Capacity of a Hinge Arm 360 kNm 550 kNm 750 kNm
Maximum Working Pressure of a Hinge 320 Bar 320 Bar 320 Bar

Gurit Mould Turning Systems:

Technical Specifications
Series V45 V57
Max. Hinge Torque 245 kNm 367 kNm
Lifting Capacity per Hinge (@2.5m from pivot) 10.000 kg 15.000 kg
Max. Number of Hinges 13 13
Operating Pressure 220 bar 280 bar
Integrated Jack Cylinder No Yes
Detachment from Moving Mould Automatic Automatic
Closing Time 4 min 4 min
Hinge Weight (dry) 2400 kg 2500 kg
System Rated Power per Hinge 4 kW 4 kW
System Supply Voltage 380 – 480V AC 380 – 480V AC
System Supply Frequency 50 – 60 Hz 50 – 60 Hz
System Supply Current per Hinge (Breaker Rating) 20 A 20 A
System Remote Control Frequency 433 MHz (EU) / 915 MHz (USA) 433 MHz (EU) / 915 MHz (USA)

Please check with us for the latest technical specifications and contact us for further information.

All hinge models are aimed at retaining a small footprint and low pivotal height and seamlessly integrate with further automation equipment—such as the mould aligning and clamping system (MAC).