Wind Blade Mould

Gurit can offer an appropriate mould for any blade production process including infusion and prepreg. Gurit is the partner of choice when you need a quality mould, with excellent dimensional control, at an affordable price.


  • The mould can be produced either with or without gelcoat, depending on customer requirements
  • Epoxy resin with Tg of 90°C, 110°C, 130°C or 160°C can be used, or alternatively vinylester
  • The mould shell features a sandwich construction which provides high tensile strength and high bending stiffness to weight ratios
  • The mould can be heated electrically or by air depending upon customer requirements
  • Mould heating is controlled by PLC or by an integrated contol system along with industrial computer with monitoring software
  • Mould frame is designed using Finite Element Analysis and various 3D-2D software tools
  • Mould shell is designed with extra supports to ensure its stability and long life
  • Optional exclusive patented mould shape adjustment system
  • Optional fully automatic mould alignment and clamping system

Gurit is the largest wind turbine blade mould manufacturer worldwide. Since production started at the beginning of 2008, Gurit has shipped several hundred sets of moulds.